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Divine Companions: Angels And Spirit Guides

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Even when you feel as though you are completely alone, there are

divine companions who are always with you.

There are spiritual beings who are with you at all times, even when you feel totally alone. Prior to your incarnation, they made the decision to be by your side throughout your entire existence, from the time of your first breath until the time of your death. Spirit guides are highly evolved beings who have gone through the cycle of birth and death on the physical plane and are now acting as mentors and guides to help others raise their vibrations even higher. They live on a different plane of existence and are just as "real" as you are, vibrating at a different frequency.

They use your dreams and instincts to help you find your way. Often, your teachers and mentors are speaking to you in that soft voice. They might also communicate with you by using signs and symbols. For me, feathers appear everywhere when I am going through a personal or emotional crisis or am at a crossroads in my life. I also hear specific songs, sea hawks, and have feather tattoos. It serves as a prompt for me to maintain my stillness and pay attention to the advice of my own private guides. The feathers stand in for the energy of my guides; one of them is a strong Shaman, while the others are celestial beings.

It greatly depends on your life's path and goals as to whether you have one guide or many. A teacher or professor, for instance, might have several mentors, one to help them with the academic aspects of their work and others to help them with the significant emotional demands of carrying out such a crucial job. Your own unique journey through life has a strong influence on much of who your guides are.

Rarely are a loved one's deceased relatives spirit guides. Even while we can communicate with our loved ones in spirit, they don't play the same role as a "spirit guide" because they are still physically here with us. Some people have spirit guardians that live with them constantly, such as archangels and angels. Angels are sometimes your spirit guides, but it does not always imply that they are there. When you're in need, you can call on angels for momentary assistance. Chances are good that your life's purpose is complicated if an archangel or angel is your guide. My experience as a meditation teacher and psychic reader has led me to the conclusion that people who have difficult life paths frequently have angels as their spiritual guardians.

Whether you are aware of your spirit guide or not, they are always present. They are a part of you and your path, so you cannot summon them to you or drive them away. You can, however, decide to learn more about them and how they fit into your life. You can have more proactive interactions with your spirit guides. Just ask to find out who your guides are. Put yourself in a peaceful, contemplative environment and ask them to show themselves to you. If you can't figure it out right away, don't give up. Spiritual beings frequently use signs and symbols to communicate. After asking, you must have faith in your own judgment. Pay close attention to the images that come to mind. Stay with that if you encounter a man wearing a suit; he might be a scientist or philosopher. A Native American, a Buddhist monk, or nothing at all could be what you happen to witness. Keep your intuition and intellect open. When you ask someone to reveal their identity, pay notice to any recurring themes that emerge. You can also get help from a trained psychic or intuitive if you're having trouble figuring out who they are.

Working with your spirit guides can be a powerful tool for your spiritual and personal development. Their wisdom and counsel are unaffected by the "world," unlike those of beings who are in physical. They reside on a higher vibratory plane, thus the minute details of your circumstance are irrelevant. As an example, if you ask your spirit guide for relationship advice, they will direct you to concentrate on what you are learning, what you need to learn, what you are teaching your spouse, and what the true purpose of your partnership is. They won't give a damn if they don't flush the toilet or manage the household money poorly. The material you get will include steps YOU can take to increase your understanding. You can also enlist the help of your spirit guides to help you heal physically. Before you go to sleep, make a request that you be healed while you sleep.

Never feel isolated. Never. Have faith in knowing and realizing how much beauty and mystery there is in this life. Let the "world" disappear for a split second. Raising your frequency will enable you to receive the lovely gifts of the spirit. Life is considerably more complex than what we can perceive. You will find a world of learning, beauty, and tranquility when your spiritual eyes and hearts are opened. Of course, you have the option to reject belief. Always make your own decisions. Why not, though? Why not ascend to a higher plane of existence? Why not accept magic? You can appreciate the glories of spirit in your own heart without telling everyone at work. It will engulf you in a light of compassion and understanding and slyly change you into a more compassionate and connected being.

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