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Using Meditation To Clear Blockages

To Clear Blockages
Use Meditation

Our bodies have seven basic Chakras. Each has a place, a role, an effect, and a color. These are the seven places in the body where energy flows.

The chakras represent the different steps we have to take to reach nirvana, the ultimate goal. We start at the base center and move up. The crown center is the best, but it is almost impossible to reach.

In meditation, we focus on the base center and bring a bright light up through each chakra to the crown center and back. We take deep breaths through our nose and slowly let them out through our mouth while only thinking about the light and the chakras.

You will be able to tell if there is a blockage. This is why you should learn about chakra meditation before you try it. It's a great way to get rid of blockages in your body. If one of your chakras is blocked, you will feel strange or different things. Just relax and either stop or keep going by focusing on just that chakra to figure out what's wrong.

Any blockages can be worked out and healed. This is why people feel out of place. One or more of their chakras is usually blocked. When you meditate, you need to be in a peaceful and quiet place. Sit down with your feet on the ground and the palms of your hands facing up. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths before you start so that you can relax. Then think of a bright light and start your chakra meditation.

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