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  • Who can benefit from my healing and spiritual guidance services?
    My services are for anyone feeling stuck and unfulfilled but are unsure why. This can be for those going through rough times in their present situation. Individuals facing divorce, separation, illness, or a personal challenge find it difficult. I also help those who feel that their life's purpose has not yet been met and know there has to be more.
  • How do I prepare for an intuitive session with Elva?
    Once you decide you are ready to book your first session with Elva you may book on the online booking page. After scheduling your appointment all you have to do is trust yourself and be willing to accept your channeled reading. All you have to do is be open to new possibilities and embrace positive change. Elva's goal is to realign you to get to the healthiest, happiest, and most successful you.
  • Does distance intuitive energy healing really work?
    If you believe in energy healing, then yes it can. If you sort of believe then it can still have some influence but may not be lasting. If you do not believe, then you may want to honor that and stay with traditional methods instead. Please understand that being new to energy healing and open to learning more is very helpful and relevant to the equation of what is possible for you in a positive outcome. In my sessions I work with clearing limiting beliefs are being open and worthy of healings which many clients struggle around can make all the difference for breakthrough change to occur. While no outcome can obviously be guaranteed in the western or alternative for that matter, being open to feeling better, receptive to the process of restoring wholeness for yourself, then anything is possible.
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