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5 Steps To Spiritual Healing

Updated: May 4, 2023

Here are five steps to spiritual healing.

Step 1: ACKNOWLEDGE the need for healing, whether spiritual or emotional.

For us to receive the healing of spiritual and emotional wounds, we must first acknowledge that we are hurting. Sometimes, the spiritual and emotional wounds are so painful that we develop a case of amnesia. We may not be able to recall voluntarily the event or that time in our life. In such a case, we may need the aid of a compassionate counselor to guide us gently in facing our spiritual and emotional hurts.

Step 2: LOCATE the cause of the spiritual and emotional pain.

In the natural, we may have pain in our legs, but the cause may be a pinched nerve in the spine. To operate on the legs would be the wrong procedure. A youth having severe problems socializing may have pre-existing problems at home (e.g. subjected to abuse at home). Time itself does not heal spiritual and emotional hurts. It is therefore important that we locate and separate each spiritually and emotionally painful experience.

Step 3: CLEANSE the wound.

If you received a deep wound in your hand and you left it unattended, it would sooner or later get infected. The same is true in the spiritual and emotional areas. Spiritual and emotional hurts are open wounds for forgiveness, anger, bitterness, depression, and anxiety enter. One thing we need to remember while doing this is that we must forgive those who have offended and ask God to forgive and cleanse us.

Step 4: RECEIVE HEALING of the spiritual or emotional hurt.

After the physician cleanses the victim's wound, he sews it up so that it will not become contaminated again. Forgiveness opens the door to freedom, but forgiveness is not healing. Without our receiving spiritual and emotional healing, the wound again becomes contaminated. We may receive it by understanding that Jesus suffered all kinds of spiritual and emotional hurts and that he became a hurt substitute and asking in faith for that spiritual or emotional healing. When God heals the wound, we may recall the experience without being flooded by the pain.

​Step 5: STRENGTHEN the weak area.

Again, in the natural, the area around the wound may remain weak even after the healing occurs. This is also true of spiritual and emotional wounds. Sometimes, our thoughts may return to the event that brought the spiritual or emotional hurt. If this occurs, we may mentally opened a new wound. To strengthen your mind and only let positive thoughts flow into it.

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