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Financial Coaching

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Do you know how money works? Inflation, high taxes, debt, big businesses, and bad credit affect all of us. This is why financial education is important as well as mastering your money mindset.

How many of us currently have earned income, passive income, and portfolio income. In this day and time, we must acquire all of these. Your money will make someone wealthy. The question is who? The key to my business and yours is education.

The first strategy I will show you is how to benefit from Income Shifting. Over 80% of taxpayers overpay their taxes due to mistakes found on their withholding statement called the W4. When you are employed and you become a self-employed business owner, you can increase your take-home pay and lower your taxes.

This strategy provides an additional $100 to $500 monthly back into your pockets.

I've provided a calculator below for you to see for yourself what you could be receiving

back on your next paycheck when you income shift. It's time to give yourself a raise.

This new income can be used to make double payments, help more with your

financial obligations, or just change your current lifestyle.


Click IRS Calculator


Why Financial Coaching?

I didn't always have good credit. I was irresponsible with money, didn't pay all my bills on time and I went through a messy divorce, where the creditors were coming after me for balances due. I was stressed out and I wanted better for my life. I starting speaking money affirmations and doing self-development. One day everything began to come together. It was The day that I read think and grow rich, over fifteen years ago. 

Financial Coching.jpg

I began changing the relationship I had with money. I started by putting a little money on bills every week so bills wouldn't add up and be a struggle every month, I disciplined myself to save and invest my money in myself, assets, cryptos, and land, and the more you help others, the more money you make. So I decided to help others catch up on what's going on today in the financial world and to have you ask yourself an honest question, Are your finances prepared to go through the next three to six years as they are.?If the answer is no, then you deserve to give yourself a complete financial makeover. Let me show you how income shifting can put you in a better financial situation.

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